Commercial Buildings

LED lighting is fast becoming a very popular alternative to standard lighting everywhere from the home to streetlights. Commercial buildings, especially, are the perfect place to introduce LEDs for a much better way to light up a space. With a plethora of benefits and the ability to customize, LED lights are certainly one of the easiest ways to upgrade your commercial space.

The Benefits of LED Lighting

Halogen, incandescent, fluorescent – whatever type of lighting your commercial building uses, LEDs are guaranteed to be a massive improvement to what is currently being used. Here are a few of the benefits you can look forward to:

  • They last a very long time. Perhaps one of the biggest draws to LED lights is the fact that they are created to be extremely long-lasting. Most LED bulbs are designed to last an average of around 35,000 hours. However, many can last even longer than that, up to 100,000 hours! This means that you can run your bulbs for six to eight hours a day for around 15 years before they go out. What’s more, they don’t go dim as they age, so you can expect full light that whole time.
  • They’re energy-efficient. One reason that LEDs last so long is due to their efficiency. They experience an efficiency of 80-90%, meaning that only 10-20% of their energy is lost to heat. To put that into perspective, incandescent bulbs lose 80% of their energy as heat!
  • Environmentally friendly. Many people don’t know that fluorescent tubes often used in commercial spaces contain mercury and other toxic chemicals. If broken, they could cause serious injury to people. LEDs don’t have any of these dangerous elements. Not to mention, they’re recyclable. Add that to the fact that their lifespan is so long, and you won’t be replacing these bulbs so often. Instead, valuable resources can stay in the earth or be used for other items.
  • They’re durable. The sturdy materials used to make LED bulbs can survive extreme temperatures, from very cold to very hot, and it won’t affect the light emitted. They’re also able to withstand shocks, vibrations, and impact, making them great for use outdoors or in warehouses.
  • They’re customizable. LED lights come in a variety of options, many of which offer a fully customizable experience. Everything from the color to the temperature to the strength of the light can be changed. Additionally, many newer versions are programmable or can be set to a timer.

LEDs in Commercial Buildings

With all of the benefits that LED lights have to offer, they’re an excellent choice for commercial applications in almost any area. Here are a few places where LED lights can make a serious impact on employee and customer satisfaction:

  1. Hospitality

Along with cleanliness and décor, lighting is one thing that can easily help set a mood or provide a specific ambiance.  The ability they have to be customized according to your needs lends itself perfectly to the hospitality arena. From basic LED lamps in lobbies and reception to funky bulbs with shaped filaments and changeable colors, LEDs are perfect for providing your desired environment in your hotel.

  1. Medical and Healthcare

LED lighting in hospitals and clinics are a great way to offer something to both staff and patients. A cool white LED light offers a crisp, bright environment for doctors to be able to see clearly and diagnose patients. Waiting rooms featuring warm, lower lights may give patients a more relaxing, calm place to wait to see their doctor or as they wait for a loved one.

  1. Retail

In retail, where overhead costs can get pretty expensive, it’s helpful to be able to lower those costs wherever possible, and the energy bill is a great place to start. Aside from lowering those bills, LED lighting can offer customers a much more positive experience. And because of the versatility of LED bulbs, they can be used anywhere from general lighting to display lighting to recessed ceiling lights. And since you can create the mood you want through color and temperature, they’re perfect for literally any type of retail, from luxury goods to fast fashion.

  1. Professional Office

Did you know that dull flickering lights can cause headaches, harm your vision, and affect your mood? As companies are looking for ways to improve employee productivity, introducing LED lights is a great place to begin. This simple change can increase productivity, lift mood, and help with focus. They even come in wide, flat panel lighting, so you won’t have to change the building’s infrastructure.

Types of LED Lighting for Commercial Buildings

There are a few main types of LED lights that are most suitable for commercial areas. Your building may need several combinations of any of these styles.

  • Recessed Troffer Light. These are installed in an opening in the ceiling to let the light shine straight down. This is an excellent option to reduce heat emissions.
  • Task Lights. Much smaller lights, these are suitable for many types of commercial buildings and can be installed quickly.
  • Track Lighting. This versatile style allows lights to be mounted on walls, ceilings, galleries, or pretty much any location to shine direct light on an object.
  • Outdoor Lights. Durable LED lights are particularly suited for outdoor commercial spaces, such as parking lots or around the building’s exterior. These also come in a variety of styles for different purposes.
  • Desk Lamps. Perfect for the desk, the single-bulb lamp offers a close-up light for overtime hours at the office. Its brightness will keep you from having to squint or hunch close.