Casinos are Going Green with LED Lighting


“Going green” has been a growing trend in the world as of late, but with advances in technology, it has become even more than that. In fact, as better, more environmentally friendly options become available for everything from showers to windows to reusable produce bags, the growing popularity of LED lights as a “green” alternative is spreading away from individual households into the commercial arena. Casinos, in particular, are helping pave the green path to saving the environment via revolutionary lighting systems.

The Benefits of LED

LED lighting offers a variety of benefits for consumers and businesses alike. The three primary advantages of switching to LED lighting are:

  • Efficiency – LEDs are extremely efficient. They require much less energy to create a brighter light compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights. Not to mention, traditional bulbs lose so much of the energy in the form of heat, which isn’t a problem for LEDs, which stay cooler and brighter with more focused light.
  • Inexpensive – All of that energy efficiency leaves the LED as one of the most cost-efficient options as well. Because much less energy is wasted, the bulbs themselves last longer, meaning they have to be replaced much less often. This, combined with the lower cost to run them in the first place means there’s much more cash for the consumer to save.
  • Versatility – LED lights can be used in so many locations, both indoor and outdoor. They can also use different colors, brightness, and vary from warm to cool, depending on the needs of the user.

LEDs in Casinos

With the above-mentioned benefits, LEDs are a clear winner for lighting alternatives in casinos. IF there is anything casinos are well-known for, it’s the 24/7 light and activity it provides to visitors. And if there’s one way a casino can go green with immediate effect, it’s by switching over to LED lighting.

As mentioned above, the efficiency of LEDs contributes to a much lower energy cost. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, a casino that has switched to LED lighting may see a return on investment in as few as six months. And while the initial cost may seem high, keep in mind that the trade-off is positive. For casinos in particular, the savings could be massive – up to 85% savings on slot machines alone. For a large casino with a multi-million-dollar energy bill for the year, this could mean a large reduction in a short amount of time.

And with the versatility of the LED lights, casinos have an extended ability to mimic natural sunlight, which will help retain visitors to the casino, while offering them a better experience during their time there. Plus, LEDs can be used anywhere where there is light, from the main illumination in the building to the displays on individual machines and games. LED lights come in individual bulbs as well as flexible strips, so there’s no place in a casino that can’t be updated to be a bit more green.

Final Thoughts

Going green is important, and with LED lighting it’s becoming an easier feat to accomplish for everyone from consumers to business owners. And with the amount of light that casinos use every single day, there’s no better place to introduce LED lighting for a cost-efficient and versatile way to go green.