The Benefits of LED Lighting in a Parking Garage

Parking facilities, especially in large cities, can be both indoors and outdoors, and having reliable lighting to keep individuals that are utilizing the parking safe is crucial. Most lighting in these parking facilities are commonly pendant, surface, or recessed mounted in order to illuminate the space for both people and vehicles. With LED lighting, lighting in parking facilities is much more efficient than traditional HID lighting.

Learn more about the benefits of LED lighting in parking garages below!

Improved Lighting Performance

While energy and maintenance cost savings are important when considering the lighting for your parking facility, you never want to compromise the lighting performance. LED lighting provides evenly distributed light, which means that there will be less variation across a surface, which is typical with traditional HID lighting.

LED lighting is also available in a range of correlated color temperatures (CCTs), which provides a range of options for the brightness of lighting in a parking garage.

Energy Cost Savings

To better understand the energy cost savings of LED lighting, let’s take a look at traditional HID lighting.

The average wattage of an HID lamp is between 70 and 400 watts and the average wattage of a LED fixture is between 24 and 82 watts. By simply converting from HID to LED, there is an average energy savings of 40-60%. By making the upgrade, parking garages can save an average of $300 per fixture, per year.

Maintenance Cost Savings

In addition to energy cost savings, installing LED lighting in your parking garage also has maintenance cost savings. With the way that LEDs generate light, they move through their functional life cycle differently than traditional lighting options. Instead of abruptly stopping function as the end of their life cycle approaches, LED lights start to fade gradually over time.

This means that the functional life of LED lighting is significantly longer than that of an HID fixture and can run for an average of 100,000 hours. With these long functional life, a facility can save upwards of $5,000 over a period of three years in maintenance costs alone.


While an LED retrofit has a high up-front cost, it’s an investment worth taking, especially in a parking facility. With LED lighting, your facility will see better lighting performance and a decrease in maintenance and energy costs. To learn more about commercial LED lighting, contact us today.

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