Are LED Lights Safe? Howard Sperling Myth-Busts Your Concerns

LED light bulbs are both safe, effective, and energy-efficient, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to have concerns about them. Over the years, Howard Sperling has learned the ins and outs of LED lighting and is addressing your concerns and the most popular LED myths below.

Myth 1: All LED Lights Shine Extremely Bright

When LED light bulbs were first created, they were very white and very bright but as technology has advanced over the years, this is no longer the case. LED light bulbs are now available in several colors and temperatures, ranging from cool to warm. This allows people the flexibility to select LED bulbs for their home or business based on their own lighting preferences.

Myth 2: LED Lighting is Bad for Sleep

Any bright light, LEDs included, can interrupt sleep. Instead of avoiding LED lights altogether, practice positive sleep hygiene habits such as limiting phone and TV use before bed, dimming lights to start the process of “winding down,” and pick up some slower-paced habits, such as reading.

During the day, your LED lighting can actually be beneficial! The blue light that is emitted from the bulbs mimics naturally occurring light and helps improve your mood. This lighting also helps improve productivity and keep you awake longer throughout the day.

Myth 3: LED Lighting Contains Toxic Materials

One of the main benefits of LED lighting over fluorescent lighting, such as CFLs, is that they do not contain toxic materials and can even be recycled with your other household recyclables. With LEDs, you no longer have to worry about specialized recycling of your lightbulbs, as LEDs do not contain mercury.

Myth 4: LED Lights are Bad for Your Eyes

LED light bulbs are as safe as any other technology that you use throughout the day! LEDs are even used in some skin and health therapies because LEDs do not contain harmful ultraviolet rays. LEDs also contain blue light, which is naturally occurring in sunlight.

As we all know, too much of something can be bad for you and the excessive use of technology comes with risks. As our knowledge and technology advances, the LEDs we use in our homes and businesses also improve. Most concerns you hear about LED lighting are regarding first-generation models, or other low-quality products, making it crucial to get your information about LEDs from a reputable source. When purchasing LEDs for your home, only select high-quality LEDs that are industry tested to ensure you are taking advantage of all of the benefits of LEDs.

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