LED Lighting

Advantages of LED Lighting

LED lighting is something that’s become fairly common among residential and commercial properties, but not every consumer is on board yet. LED lighting has revolutionized how lighting works and the energy that it uses. If you’re not familiar with the many benefits of LED lighting, you need to check out this list! 

Lower Energy Costs

Did you know that LED lighting uses 75% less energy than traditional bulbs? That means lower electricity bills each month, and a clear conscious knowing you’re being energy efficient however you can! These efficient bulbs burn nearly 80% cooler than a traditional bulb, so it’s no surprise that they save a significant amount of energy thanks to their modern design. 

Longevity and Less Maintenance

LED bulbs that see daily use last about 25 years. Compared to a traditional bulb, 25 years is pretty impressive! That longevity means that you won’t be spending money on light bulbs on a regular basis, or even a yearly basis. You also won’t have to worry about pulling out a ladder and climbing up to change bulbs throughout your home. Simply buy the initial LED bulb, install it, and don’t worry about it for another 25 years! 


Traditional bulbs are very fragile and go out easily. Something as small as a bump can break the filament inside the bulbs, leaving you in the dark. LED bulbs have unmatched durability which is what makes them last so long! This is especially helpful for bulbs that see more wear and tear than those just sitting in your ceiling light. Christmas lights and other decorative bulbs will be moved around during the storing process, but LED bulbs are able to withstand that movement without breaking or burning out. 

Ease of Installation

Sign LED lights are more energy-efficient, more of them can be connected to a single wall socket without overloading it and causing a fire hazard in the home. Easy installation is the key when you’re trying to string decorative lights around the inside or outside of your home! You won’t have to worry about bulbs combusting or outlets smoking when you opt for LEDs. 

LED lighting is available for almost any lighting that you can think of. Replace your traditional bulbs with LEDs to begin lowering your energy cost and increasing the safety of your home today! Wouldn’t it be nice to cross something off your to-do list for the next 25 years?

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