LED Lighting Information

What You need to Know About LED Lighting

LED lighting is the latest innovation in lighting and how that lighting uses energy. LED sales are on the rise and it’s expected that someday, LED lighting will be the primary lighting choice among buyers. For those that are still on the fence about making the switch to LED lighting, there are a few facts you should know! 

What Makes LED Lighting Different?

LED lighting is extremely efficient thanks to a unique design. LED lights are able to send light out in a specific direction, unlike traditional bulbs. Traditional bulbs often need mirrors and reflectors in their design to spread the light, but LEDs don’t require these features. Lighting with a specific direction is ideal for recessed lighting and focused work lighting. LED lighting is also much safer because the bulbs burn about 80% cooler than a traditional bulb. 

Energy Benefits of LED

Making the switch the LED is primarily about the energy-saving benefits. LED bulbs last for nearly 25 years and use 75% less energy than a traditional bulb! These figures can explain why LED bulbs come with a slightly higher price tag when you initially purchase them. The cost is higher in the beginning but will be lower overall due to their energy efficiency and longevity. 

Types of LED Lighting

LED lighting can be found almost anywhere, including both commercial and residential locations. In a residential setting, LED is becoming increasingly popular for recessed lighting and kitchen cabinet lighting. As bulbs need to be replaced throughout the home, homeowners are making the switch to LED bulbs one light at a time! LED has even become the norm in most holiday lighting displays and even pre-lit Christmas trees that you see at the store. People love the longevity of their purchase and get to enjoy lower energy bills! Industrial settings have also made the switch the LED lighting. Commercial buildings, storefronts, and even healthcare facilities are finding that the switch to LED is the right choice for them. Next time you’re at a friend’s house or in a store take a second to look around, you might be surprised just how many LED bulbs you see! 

Making the switch the LED lighting is the best choice for your budget, the environment, and the overall quality of your lighting. Rather you’re designing an industrial space or looking to update your home, LED lighting might be exactly what you’re searching for! 

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